Mario Sunshine just doesn’t feel the same to me without frivolous Shine gambling anymore

i'm wearing a rapinoe shirt today because i Knew

i still lose my shit every time i see this one

okay maybe bobby firmino's martial arts themed goal celebration has actually paid huge dividends

good god am i not stoked for a penalty shootout with these line stepping rules lmfao

norway have fully engaged scare the fuck out of the opponent mode

the best part about working in a bizarrely shaped skyscraper is that every single day when i leave work i see at least one group of absolutely flabbergasted tourists taking photos

what moron titled it don't tread on me instead of boku no steppy

remember in G Gundam when master asia, who rode a horse, had a gundam that also rode a gundam horse, and it was piloted by his horse

yeah yeah summer transfers new kits etc BUT LOOK AT SOKRATIS HE IS SMILING


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