Ben Bennett

i feel like google plus shutting down and fucking over the people who used it for tabletop gaming is like the sequel to google wave shutting down and fucking over the people who used it for tabletop gaming

@FauxBen wait was there a tabletop community on it?? that's fascinating

@hayley @FauxBen Yeah, the indie TTRPG community was pretty much entirely on G+. This is a huge bummer

@austin_walker @FauxBen what the hellllll that's such a specific thing. i hadnt the slightest idea about this. is...there a specific reason why g+ was optimal? or was it just sorta a thing that happened and stayed that way

@hayley @austin_walker @FauxBen it had real easy hooks for gdrive stuff, as you might expect, and from an anecdotal experience that was super useful for critique/sharing. The Sprawl has (had) a very active group :(

@videodante @hayley @austin_walker @FauxBen yeah, it sucks. My g+ usage has shrunk quite a bit from a wide range g place to discuss whatever to what amounted to a group dm with about 90 ppl, but there are like discussions that lasted months there with a ton of embedded images. Irreplaceable stuff. A lot of friends I now have irl are ones I met with first there.

@FauxBen going to go ahead and recommend for self-controlled communities that have long-form communication

@FauxBen why does google like to fuck over tabletop gamers

What did they ever do to google >_>

@FauxBen I still haven't forgiven them for Google Reader.

Google: let's coax the majority of people away from desktop RSS reader apps, make them dependent on us, then kill RSS in one fell swing of the axe!

I'm glad people are now starting to realise that social media is not the best place to get news. I hope this'll lead to RSS making a comeback in a big way.

@bobstechsite @FauxBen
They can't track or deliver ads to rss readers.
Does anyone think that killing (or, at least, seriously maiming) RSS wasn't their plan all along?
And just look how far out of their way they go to scare ppl out of using normal email clients like thunderbird or kmail.
And how badly they want your phone number...

My favourite pet peeve is Google maps and how if you turn of location tracking you're not able to set your home and work addresses. The button is there, but if you press it it asks you to turn on tracking first.

It's a bookmark. It remembers a single location. Someone has explicitly added code that prevents you from adding it if you don't agree to store information about where you've been at all times.
@bobstechsite @FauxBen

@bobstechsite @FauxBen I agree! #RSS has huge potential for a come back. I am using Feeder on my mobile. Works so well that I even wrote a post about RSS. 🤓

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