Spent all day doing stuff and just remembered I'm a ghost! I don't have shit to do!

the name "grits" does a disservice to grits. they should be called "bits" or maybe "greats"

@kevboh you can absolutely eat crab apples. they're bitter. great for cooking, pickling or making cider.

I grew up with a beautiful gnarled old crab apple tree in my yard that bore so much fruit. We never ate them or used them for anything because my mom said they were poisonous.

Give me back to the future 1.5 where Marty's siblings are trying to solve the mystery of why they're slowly disappearing

proud to introduce my new character Guy With a Shirt That Just Says "LENTILS" On It

"Hey brother, have you tried lentils? Unsung superfood, totally unsung"

I wish so badly I could be the kind of guy that keeps an accurate calendar

sometimes i think, is it possible to call out every day?

you ever spend an entire day off thinking about not wanting to go back to work the next day

the water at my current place is so bad that ive spent the past 2 years filtering water just to cook with, and in less than a month i wont have to

Signing the lease to my new place this week, excited for
-cleaner water
-non-broken hot water hearter
-having a yard with a garden
-no neighbors
-lower rent

not excited for
-no dishwasher
-smaller office

Tried to buy a new phone today but they wouldn't sell it to me because my license was expired. Ended up buying the phone from my phone while still in the AT&T store, it'll be here in a week.

You ever see some food and think about how it was just a bunch of stuff until someone went and did something to it

what if someone united all the mastodon instances into one single megastodon

Say what you want but the Groundhog Day guy didn't deserve to be trapped in there so long


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