@jeff I had no idea this was releasing on Steam and don't know if you do either but !!

There's a resurgence of Mastodon in Japan because Twitter Japan has updated its TOS to potentially ban loli porn.

So they're going to Mastodon.


I don't know if Spotify has always done this but I've been digging into the Techno Bunker playlist and it's been dynamically mixing every track in a way that's like... really fucking good. It's not like, technical or anything but it's infinitely better than standard crossfading and I'm super into it doing that.

Also the playlist rips open.spotify.com/user/spotify/

i started a new illustration series called illustra. here are the first two

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hey if you think this tweet is funny why not check out @deorbital@twitter.com, a website that is good and occasionally funny

Deorbital Autumn 2018 is live.

Featuring work from @ellaguro, @ria_tee, @jk_darkside, @yurimegumi, @_lanelabelle, and @dapskier. Custom artwork by @itskindred.

Read our editor's forward here: deorbital.media/deorbitals-201

And get int…

Portland has been super nice. Even if it was just a quick weekend here it was really good tiny vacation. Feel like both Lena and I are super refreshed yet really anxious to get back here and do a lot of the stuff we didn't get to.

Portland is a really strange but neat city. It's very clearly a big city but everywhere feels like a suburb.

Also the Portland Retro Game Expo rules there's just a fuckton of hardware hooked up to PVMs and super-clear RGB monitors. Everything is showcased to its best

Lena just checked and the only way to watch a bunch of Funimation stuff now is to buy it off PSN. Stuff like Terror of Resonance is $24 for the season and that's it. No rent options or anything.

2018 and Sony out there encouraging people to go back to XDCC'ing fansubs. Corner offices all around, truly.

im dunked

lena nad i went to a very fancy restaurant and i ordered strong whiskey on top of happy hour beer hell yeah

Hey friends! I have a new shirt. It's very cool and if you get one, you too can be very cool. I recommend getting one. teespring.com/me-ka-ni-ka-ru

I'm excited to gold-plate another Hummer and drive it through the English countryside.

I bought the $130 edition of Forza Horizon 4 because I'm a dingus but also both of FH3's expansions were some of the best I've ever seen in a game so I'm down for another round of those.

Turns out Destiny 2 is really good if you have like, people to play it with. My enjoyment with its grind has skyrocketed 'cause there's just always someone around to shoot shit figuratively and literally. Good times.

wow really is mastodon from 1997 do i really need to http:// for a link to work

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