To build on @bruno point abt friction, here's the use case I keep thinking about:

Imagine I set up an instance, i don't know, food dot town. It's an instance all about sharing food pics And these food pics? They're Incredible.

Over on bike dot bike, on the other hand, food posting is encouraged, but the norm is using a CW when you post images of food.

Now: wants to share content. What do they do?

If this doesn't make sense, substitute "food" for "surgery" or "porn"

@austin_walker Hell, certain instances already exist right now that are 1. for adult content 2. often delisted from timeline by other instances, and I'm sure some admins would appreciate immediately the ability to soften that delisting to an auto-cs.

(I keep coming back to "instances should be able to set up a set of C/Ws that boosters can add as they boost" as a potential solution.)

@austin_walker possible workaround: link to message is pasted in the message body, and it's hidden under a CW. sometimes folks here CW links to twitter

@austin_walker the closest the current infrastructure gets is tech/cues certainly would allow an instance admin to wrap any boosts originating from a (particular) other instance with a (paired) boilerplate C/W _in the webclient_—I would need to look deeper into if it could be wrapped around status regardless of client.

@austin_walker this will likely not be supported in any official capacity by the main Mastodon branch because it's incredibly close to the "quote RT" which is anathema to them.

@nightpool @austin_walker If you're a stakeholder who believes in it, then it's worth fighting for. I'm only speaking as an observer who has seen the public pronouncements around that kind of interaction.

@boodoo @austin_walker i think there are ways to design this feature that don't lend themselves to the toxicity of a full quote-RT but i'm more upset by your assumption that we would dismiss the idea out of hand.

@nightpool I'm not assuming you would dismiss it out of hand, I'm saying the messaging around why QRT-equivalent behaviors are not desirable is compelling—and I'm not a strong enough interaction designer to picture an implementation of this which does not directly lead to the same behaviors.

@boodoo That's fair. I'm maybe pattern matching too strongly to people saying "main mastodon branch would never accept this" without like ..... asking us lol.

@nightpool my idea of a "solution" with my limited knowledge of the interface would be an instance admin wrapping statuses boosted from particular instances with boilerplate CW for that instance, and that would be localized action, not a built-in. No shade, just a messy problem (to my thinking)

@boodoo It feels like it should be obvious that a boost-with-CW is different than a QT, but I guess you can throw a lot of text into a CW

@bcj it's roughly equivalent to an OG tweet worth of text. It's very, very close to that problem without other controls in place and I can't think of a smart solution off the dome

@boodoo @bcj the idea from the other day that Austin was talking about was: instance admins can set a list of boost cws that people can choose from. That way it's based on instance norms and if you think an instance enables abuse via boost cws, you can block the instance

@boodoo @bcj like there is nothing preventing a swastika emoji but you can block instances that support it. Same deal

@darius @boodoo okay, that seems a lot more limited in scope (and hopefully more achievable)

@darius @bcj that is probably a better, more generalized solution than the one I was kicking around re: pairing instance origin with associated boilerplate CW

@boodoo @darius @bcj Aside from instance blocking, if someone forked masto and implemented something like this for instances running the fork, there isn’t any reason it couldn’t federate with the rest right? Seems that way.

@austin_walker at first I read that as foot dot town and foot pics and thought it was a bit. But also... huh. Yeah.

@austin_walker @bruno I'm coming around to the idea that all images ought to have a cw tag applied by default. Aside from the situation you mentioned, there's also no chance of anyone accidentally forgetting to include a cw when they meant to do so, and it improves accessibility for visually impaired users a little by effectively requiring all images to have some sort of description.

@austin_walker please sign up to my new food for porn instance at

@jeff Y'all got pepperoni? I ask because I saw some frankly disappointing anti-pepperoni takes online today, and I just need to make sure my food porn instance has what I need.

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