Went away for the weekend as planned. Air quality is about the same as home, which is to say, “not great.” But it’s significantly better than San Francisco.

Thinking about investing in an air quality sensor because I just know this isn't the last time we're going to be in this situation.

I need to get a grip on my cable situation and I'm thinking about buying a gigabit switch, running it to where my consoles are, and hoping for the best.

I've had my MacBook Air since 2011 and it's been a pretty good workin' machine for all that time, but I'm starting to think I'm in the market for a new laptop.

Or maybe I should just get my battery replaced and keep on going, I don't know.

I just got an email from golf saying that they shot a video of pro golfers doing Fortnite dances and they want to know if we can do anything with it and also their social channels _must_ be credited if the video is used.

It makes me incredibly sad to see people being this... desperate?

shout out to the PS4 Pro that went missing from my desk sometime last week, I hope you weren't stolen.

I went to the new used game shop downtown and bought a copy of Final Zone II, so the TGCD prophecy has been fulfilled!

I also bought a PS2 copy of Enter the Matrix for reasons I don't fully understand.

Apparently a retro video game store opened in my town yesterday and I feel duty bound to march in there and say “y’all got any PC Engine CD games???”

The crazy thing is that from the look of their Instagram... they just might have stuff like that. Most of the used game shops I’ve been in recently have largely been like “hey, we have a lot of PS2 sports games and Pokémon carts” and not much else.

At this point I wanna see someone make a list for games for the worst PlayStation Classic possible. Like the most awful selection possible

I like Logic, but this might be the most unappealing email subject line I’ve ever seen.

Three kids have come by for candy so far. I bet we hit a total of five by the end of the night, which means I get to eat a whole lot of orange Kit Kats.

I am in southern california and I am not especially happy about it.

Just had my best Black Ops 4 round to date. Pretty sure that means I should keep drinking.

OK, I have now finished a second high-caliber drink and have cracked open a third, let's see if I can still perform at an esports-esque level.

I finished that Four Loko and had, like, the best couple rounds of Black Ops 4 I've had so far. This seems extremely on-brand.

I have just opened a can of Four Loko Red. Wish me luck.

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