heady thoughts like "well, I need to change, I've already been to the convenience store in these sweatpants once today"

long day. didn't get much sleep last night and I need to both sleep now and wake up early to finish what I'm working on before I get in tomorrow.

A cop pulled me over to helpfully let me know that a left turn I've been taking since like 2003 is now an illegal left. I asked him how people are supposed to drive around San Francisco with all the random no left turn signs they've been throwing up lately and he said "I don't think they want anyone driving anymore!"

I am impossibly pissed about all this. Like way more than I even should be.

Not really feeling this leaked Tron 3 screenplay!

I keep seeing leaked pics from the Dreams beta and it just looks like a bunch of cool nonsense. Like if you told me they were all good/weird budget PS2 games uprezzed to 4K I'd totally believe you.

I did the thing with the mouth and the spaghetti-os again

My wife’s been sick all week so I’ve been kinda running the household. This translates roughly into “I just burned my mouth real bad eating spaghetti-o’s straight out the pot.”

tired: "gay" rainbow-lit cat
wired: g a y l i g h t i n g o t t e r

I was out getting some stuff at the grocery store and decided to get a big-ass coffee drink with a bunch of extra shots in it and the lady was reluctant to sell it to me because it's like 7PM. I told her "I got a bunch of shit I gotta get done," but really I bet I'll drink it, feel awake for about an hour, and then fall asleep.

Despite having nine different ways to play damn near every video game released from 1977-1995, I'm finding the MiSTer to be really cool. It's the right level of tinkery and it's early enough that you can see them making progress on things like... how well a specific SNES game runs or changes to the menu system that make the whole thing easier to navigate.

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