Need to clone my wife's phone to her new phone, then change the Apple ID associated with it, and hope that nothing of value gets lost. I'm guessing doing an encrypted backup will more or less do this, since that stores/restores passwords and stuff.

Got a LinkedIn request from someone with a name following the format of <first name> “Blockchain” <last name>.

I have no joke here.

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There is a lot going on and as much as I wish I could slow some stuff down, I just know I would use the extra time to procrastinate some more. So I guess bring it on? All at once? Crush me into dust?

The curry chicken burrito was OK. Would eat again.

Pretty high hopes for this microwave curry chicken burrito I bought from the stupid convenience store across the street. Fingers crossed.

I usually turn my sick days into working from home days but this time I’m just fucked up enough that I can’t really do much and it’s been kinda nice to actually rest?

Still had to record my weekly radio spot, though. Congrats to anyone who gets to hear my raspy, sick ass talking about DMC5 on CBS radio stations over the next week or so.

just thought "well, I mean, what if I actually went to bed right now, at 7:30PM" so yeah, doing well over here.

My wife started playing Final Fantasy X again. Guess that means I'll have to brush up on my blitzball math.

I just realized what all of Anthem's first-person cutscenes with characters staring and acting into camera at you reminds me of: FMV games. Normally I'd be like "hell yeah that's awesome, this is my kind of Sega CD terrible," but it's just not doing it for me the way actual FMV did, ya know?

My sick cat just went through some really bad stuff and I thought I was going to lose her this time. But here she is, like 10 minutes after the worst seizure I’ve ever seen her have, seemingly OK.

"There's momentum in breakfast as a consumer trend," said David Portalatin, food industry analyst at NPD. "People are giving greater share of stomach to breakfast at quick-serve restaurants."

last I had a dream where I:
- killed a head of state with a hand grenade
- saw a bunch of arcade machines on a street corner
- found out a co-worker wanted to back out of a planned marriage
- was clowned on by teens for wearing an apple watch

It’s only February and I’ve already got games I gotta play getting in the way of games I wanna play.

It's new MAME day! Another month has come and gone and yes, I'm still marking the passage of time by how long the time between monthly MAME releases feels.

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